Erik Runia

Erik Runia

Software | Design | UI | Lead

With over a decade of experience including multiple major corporations, local businesses, and everything in between, I have the knowledge and skills to complete every type of project that comes my way.


2012 - Present

User Experience Lead & Senior Developer

Owens & Minor April 2012 - Present

Lead a successful effort to completely revamp the Owens & Minor intranet and custom internal application look and feel. Designed and developed this new look using a combination of industry standard tools and frameworks including HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery and Font Awesome. This combination of existing frameworks and custom code became the basis for a common shared framework used by the entire company in order to build a rich, beautiful interface for each application while at the same time creating a consistent and reusable visual foundation on which all new development could be based. In addition our framework provided the means for all of the companies applications to be accessed via mobile devices through a combination of responsive design and custom coding.

During my time at Owens & Minor I have been the lead designer and/or senior developer on projects ranging from a complete coporate intranet redesign to a custom made video sharing website. I have redesigned an entire existing hospital inventory system to take advantage of our new design framework and even created an entire new website where internal errors could be tracked through a series of easily navigable screens and beautifully rendered charts.

  • .Net Framework 4.0 and 4.5
  • MVC with Razor Engine
  • WCF Services as Data Layer
  • Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, FontAwesome, jQuery, LESS
  • Sql Server & Oracle
2011 - 2012

Technical Lead

ACS - A Xerox Company January 2011 - April 2012

Provided technical direction and tasking for a team of up to six developers depending on the project. Responsibilities included working with the Business Admins to write and approve technical requirements, writing detailed design documents, and tasking developers, all while working within a condensed schedule with many moving parts.

Key Achievement In addition to the above technical lead role, I also led and developed off the side of my desk on a product that allows e-prescribing of medications over the internet. The product integrated with our companies existing web services to allow for easy patient lookups, drug formulary searches, drug/drug interactions, and complex business rules based on client. As part of this project I worked with a 3rd party vendor that processes electronic prescriptions via a web service call utilizing XML to successfully send the prescriptions and become certified as a product.

  • .Net Framework 3.5 and 4.0
  • and ASPX
  • Sql Server
2009 - 2011

Senior Software Developer

Wellpoint / Anthem / HMC June 2009 - January 2011

Using, C# and Sql Server, I created a custom intranet solution for management and leaders to efficiently view, track and reconfigure thousands of file feeds per month. This solution contained multiple online and real-time reports utilizing custom filters, charts and graphs and specialized reporting methods for each team and users needs.

Not only did this project tie the reporting into user configurable requested date ranges but also related logged in users to relevent queues such as 3rd party workflow tools and an in-house ticketing system. All of this was displayed using a graphical user front end experience that was both easy to use and professional in appearance

Key Achievement I was hired into this position initially when it only had funding for a 6 week project. The in-house development team had estimated 6 months or more to complete this project and had rejected some pieces of the requirements as impossibilities with their current framework. I was able to complete all requirements of development and stand up an initial release within those 6 weeks thus leading to a contract extension and eventually full-time employment. This application led to cost savings for the department and eventually morphed into a much larger enterprise wide initiative to have this level of intranet reporting and functionality across the WellPoint organization.

  • C#, and ASPX
  • Sql Server
2005 - 2009

Technical Lead / Sr Software Devloper

Wachovia Securities June 2005 - June 2009

Using, C# and Oracle 9i, I was involved in design, development & integration of 3 different internal web application within the corporate intranet. Utilized the existing Wachovia Custom Framework, via a Layered Service Application Pattern. In addition to ASPX and C# work, these projects demanded a significant knowledge in JavaScript, HTML, Ajax, custom front-end validation techniques, and advanced experience using controls.

Created standalone Custom Control in to be used for data paging within the ASPX pages that decreases page load times, takes advantage of custom paging within ASP.Net, and reduced overall development effort on the front-end.

Another project involved SQL conversion from SQL Server to Oracle 9i, as well as creating all the code layers necessary for the application. This was a very large project spanning hundreds of front end pages and thousands of backend classes.

  • C#, and ASPX
  • Custom Controls
  • Oracle 9i
2001 - 2005

Senior Software Devloper

Saxon Mortgage January 2001 - June 2005

Design/Maintenance of Client/Server applications suite for pricing of loans using Delphi, DCOM & SQL Server 7. Handle upgrade/maintenance of stored procedures via SQL Server 7. Used Java Servlets, JSP, XML, HTML, JDOM & JDBC to make these applications available on the web instead of as Delphi executables. Implemented interface between servlets and a middle-tier application server.

Responsible for maintenance and new development of our online automated underwriting system. Retrieved data for loans using Data Access Objects and our own custom Business Objects. Wrote a parser to support the Fannie Mae DU file format for importing and exporting customer loans to 3rd party LOS systems.

Key Achievement Re-designed front and back end of an existing web application, which took loan applicant information and submitted it to the appropriate branch. Fully implemented the Java Session objects via servlets to create a unique, dynamic environment on the web to accept these applications. One month after completion of this project our Internet sales were up by over 400%. Calls were received complementing us on our loan application and it has enhanced the company's ability to market the websites to new affinity partners. Written up in company newsletter.

  • Delphi, Java
  • DCOM, Java Servlets, JSP, XML, HTML
  • Sql Server 7
1996 - 2000

Software/Web Devloper April 1996 - December 2000

Started out on the HTML production staff. Built out content in web sites using HTML, JavaScript and ASP like technologies in conjunction with the graphic design team. Work involved updating and maintaining web sites, which receive millions of page views per month.

Promoted to the programming team and began developing personalized web-based interactive database applications using Delphi, BDE, Windows NT, IIS and ASP like technologies. Developed some of the key features of the web site including various tools and interfaces for the front and back-end of the web site.

Key Achievement Developed the companies first wireless PQA (palm query application) for the Palm Pilot VII using Delphi, SQL and a database engine. Served wireless Palm VII users real-time data from the database via an Isapi DLL and WML form requests. Built out application to support more wireless internet providers such as Nokia and Eriksson.

  • Delphi and BDE
  • HTML, Isapi DLL, WML


1998 - 2000

School of the Internet Bubble

Invaluable Life Experience Degree

When the dot com I was working for offered me a full time position, I decided my final schooling would come from working through the internet bubble, creating software and utilizing technologies that helped build what the internet is today. My decision gave me the first hand experience and insight beyond any educational instutition could have and I have never looked back.

1997 - 1999

Santa Rosa Junior College

Associates Degree, Computer Science

Attended college while working in the IT industry during the IT bubble in San Francisco. 50 units of general education courses completed with an emphasis on computer science including C, C++ and web design while working towards an Associate's degree.

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