Macon IT

C#, MVC4, Razor, SqlCE, Entity Framework, Bootstrap, FontAwesome, jQuery
Date Created:
October, 2013

Macon IT had an aging website that was not only visually dated, but also based on an older technology for content management that was failing and no longer allowing them to update their own website. After listening to what they actually needed, I evaluated many content management systems and found them to be too bloated and complex for their needs.

Instead I setup a small content management system manually using C#, MVC and Entity Framework in less time than some content management systems take to configure. The front-end was realized through a combination of a pre-made bootstrap template and custom UI programming. It is a single page, parallax design which allows for users to quickly find the content they need in a modern and organized fashion. Sub pages are displayed in a single page fashion by overlaying them to the right of the main website, and sliding back when the content is hidden.

Some of the unique features include

  1. SqlCE used as a backend which has a small footprint and negates the need for a full Sql Server host
  2. Entity Framework combined with MVC 4 provides an organized and easy approach to data access
  3. MVC 4 View Models pair nicely with the Razor front end to create seperate yet powerful front end views